About us

My wife and I live in the rural areas of Puebla, Mexico.  The number and condition of the street dogs here was truly heartbreaking.  We tried our best to help; adopting many, finding homes for others and nursing many back to health.  As many as possible were vacinated and sterilized.  But our resources and space were limited.


So we decided to purchase land and build a dog sanctuary, The City of Refuge.  We believe every dog deserves food, shelter, good health and most importantly, love.  We dont want to turn any dog away.  They all deserve better than that.  That is why a significant portion of the profits from Pampering Pups will fund the construction and operation of The City of Refuge.  So, as you make a purchase to Pamper your Pup, know you’ve made a difference.  You have given hope to so many more.